Tokyo Yarn: Your winter glamour brought to you by Feza

December 26, 2013

If you need to make something eye-catching and dazzling to wear to a winter party, “Tokyo” by Feza should be the first yarn on your list.

tokyo yarn stole by feza

Tokyo yarn is a novelty yarn that consists of a shiny thread interrupted by soft, chenille-like bristles.  When knit up using large needles (US 8 or higher), it create a pretty thick-and-thin fabric.  One Ravelry user calls it “post-modern lace,” which is a great description (especially since you don’t need to know lace knitting to make it!)

One skein or more of Tokyo yarn makes a glamorous scarf.  You don’t need to know anything beyond the basics for this one; just knit until it’s as long as you want!  Make it extra wide and you have an elegant stole that would look wonderful with a simple black dress.  Beginning knitters will love how impressive Tokyo yarn looks, and even if one makes a mistake (like picking up extra stitches or having yarn overs), no one will be able to tell.  (And if someone does call you out, you can always say it’s a design element!)

Fashionknit has eight lovely colors to choose from, and Feza has great free patterns on their website to inspire your next project!

We have eight great colors to choose from, and has some great free patterns to inspire your next project.

tokyo yarn pocket poncho by feza

 Click here to purchase Tokyo Yarn at!

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