Koigu Yarn: Our Favorite Projects

December 19, 2013

To see Koigu yarn used in finished projects is quite something, since each skein contains so much potential. Here are some of our projects hanging around Fashionknit:

koigu yarn kpppm

Spindleshank’s String Theory Scarf is a simple and beautiful way to show off your favorite colors of KPPPM. This version used two skeins of color P350, and is long enough to wrap around your neck multiple times. Its many shades of green makes us think of vines dangling in the rainforest (or perhaps a friendly snake that is taking a nap on a branch).

koigu yarn bulky

In progress here is a Koigu Bulky Scarf using two skeins of color B10. Already we can tell it’s going to be very warm and durable!

koigu yarn hexipuff

Finally, the ubiquitous Hexipuffs from the Stephanie Dosen’s Beekeeper’s Quilt. Why must they be so addicting? You can get twelve puffs out of one skein! Get your friends together and have a hexipuff party: everyone pick a color of KPPPM, knit as many as you can, then put them together to make a great quilt!

Where can you get Koigu yarn? Right here!

We sell both Koigu Bulky and KPPPM on our online store. Get your Koigu Yarn today!

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