Yarn Garage: May 17-20

April 13, 2013

We all love being given gifts, especially when it comes to yarn.  When older relatives or knitting friends decide to clean house by giving you their old yarn stash and needles, how can you say no?  But when you realize that they owned five pairs of US 10.5 and twenty skeins of brown wool that is not to your taste, their gift seems less of a treasure and more of a plague.

Enter the Fashion Knit Yarn Garage Sale!  From May 17th to May 20th, we will sell your unwanted yarn/needles/tools/books for you at your price!  If someone buys it, you’ll get store credit with which you can buy new, cool yarn you actually want to work with!  If your stuff doesn’t sell, we can donate it for you; either way, you’ll have room in your stash for new, more exciting projects!

How does it work?  First, print out a copy of the Garage Guidelines May 2013.  (It will go through all this in much better detail!) Make an itemized list of the items you want to sell.  Put the items in clear ziploc bags labeled with your three initials and the item’s number.  Drop off your items between May 9 to May 16.  Then, come shopping!  Between May 17 to May 20, you’ll find tons of great deals and exciting finds!  Finally, between June 3 to June 30, come back to the store to pick up your unsold items (if you want them back) and use your store credit!

Sounds good?  Bring your family and friends to shop at the Yarn Garage Sale!  Because someone’s collection of old brown yarn is your new fabulous felted bag in waiting!

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