Finishing Your Felted Purse

March 20, 2012

Finishing Your Felted Purse

Guest Instructor:  Carrie Besso

Saturday, April 28                                                       11:00a – 5:00p

Cost:  $75.00 (materials not included)

Add to your “finishing skills” by learning to make a perfect purse lining for your felted bags with guest instructor Carrie Besso.  Carrie is an experienced instructor who teaches many hand sewing classes at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley.   You will start by making a small, felted bag that you will then use to learn how to hand sew a purse lining.  Learn how to make a beautiful lining for any felted bag.   This 5-hr workshop will cover everything from making a pattern and learning the hand sewing stitches needed to put the lining together.  Once you complete your lining, you will learn how to insert the lining into your felted bag.  If you have struggled with how to finish your knitted and felted purses or have been intimidated by finishing your felted purses, this is the perfect class for you!

5 hour workshop (with 1 hour break for lunch)

Homework required

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