Yarn Garage Sale – Almost Here!

February 28, 2012

Yarn Garage Sale – Almost Here!


Limited days left to  drop off Stash! The Yarn Garage was such a success last year that we have decided it’s time to do it again!  Let us help you resolve any “stash guilt” you may be experiencing.  As fiber artists, we need to have more of we really love – beautiful yarn!  The Yarn Garage will be an annual tradition here at fashionknit that is all about helping you clear out your unwanted stash and getting more of what you love!


Key Dates

Feb 20 – Mar 1     Drop off your stuff


Mar 2 – Mar 4

AND                   FashionKnit Yarn Garage Sale –                               Come to Shop!!

Mar 9 – Mar 11


How to participate?

If you would like the forms emailed to you directly, send a message to knitress@fashionknit.net

Click to download: FashionKnit Garage Sale Form

Go through your yarn stash and evaluate what you would like to try to sell at the FashionKnit Yarn Garage.  We will accept knitting, crochet and spinning related items.  Bag your yarn and other appropriate items in  clear, recloseable, zippered bags.  Make sure to label every bag following the Garage Sale labeling guidelines.  Price your items and fill out the Consent form along with the detailed Itemized List.  See link to print out a copy of all the rules, Consent Form and Itemized List.  We prefer that you print out a copy of your list.  Please make sure all your labels are legible and securely attached.  You set the price you want to receive for your stuff.  We will not negotiate with potential buyers.  Whatever you set as your asking price, make sure it is clearly noted on your identification label.  We hope that you will offer your items at a discount off retail price.  Use Ravelry and Yarndex.com as resources in determining your asking price.

Click to download: FashionKnit Garage Sale Form


Why participate?

Whatever you sell at the FashionKnit Yarn Garage will earn you “FashionCash” – this is a special credit voucher for you to use here at the store.  For example, if your items sell for $100 at the sale, you will earn $85 as a “FashionCash” voucher.  Why the difference?  An “Administrative Fee” of 15% will help us cover store expenses in running this event.  You will receive 85% of your selling price for all sold items, excluding sales tax as your “FashionCash” voucher.  Use your “FashionCash” to buy something you really want!


When completing your Yarn Garage consent forms, let us know what you want to do with your unsold stuff.  You can have it returned to you, or you can clear out space and donate your items to a local charitable organization that will appreciate your yarn and put it to use.  Unsold, unclaimed garage sale items will be donated.  If you know of or are part of a charitable organization that needs yarn, please let us know.  We will donate unsold yarn, other items to local hospitals, homeless shelters, womens services & church organizations.


Come Shop – Mark your Calendar

Even if you don’t have yarn or supplies to be sold at the Yarn Garage, we would appreciate your support by coming to shop at the Yarn  Garage.  We will be set up on Friday, March 2 to Sunday, March 4 AND Friday, March 9 to Sunday, March 11.  What makes this event such a success is that we have both Sellers and Shoppers!  Clear out unwanted stash and come find new treasures for you!

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