fashionknit Yarn Garage

 Friday July 7 - Sunday July 9

It lurks in your closet, under your bed, and in special organizers that you'd hoped would tame it.  Like the plague, you cannot escape it, and it prevents you from indulging in your latest artistic dreams.  It has invaded or lives, it has diminished our happiness, and we are just not going to take it anymore.  

What is "it"? The dreaded STASH you haven't looked at in ages! yarns you've fallen out of love with, haven't enough of for a decent project, crafting magazines that mock you with their pictures of completed work. Your stash is taking up room in your home, creating tension between you and your cohabitants.  You may have been banned from buying new yarn until you use up what you already have? We've heard it all before, and we're here to help. Turn those unloved skeins, patterns, tote bags, etc. into something new and exciting that will hit your needles, hooks, wheel, loom, needlepoint canvas no time!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Bag and tag the stuff you want to see gone
  2. Bring it to our store, we will sell it at the Yarn Garage
  3. Earn "fashioncash" for what you sell to buy what you love!

Whatever you make at the sale earns you "fashionkash", if your items sell for $100 at the Yarn Garage Sale, you'll receive $75 "fashionkash" to spend on whatever you want. After the sale, you can take back what doesn't sell, but if you want to see it gone, we will donate it for you!  At the very least, you'll clear out some space and give away items to a good cause.  At best, you'll make money towards a new project that you can't wait to make!  What's more, this isn't your average garage sale, the shoppers are actual stitchers who understand the value of what you have to offer.

Ready? Click here to find the knitty gritty on getting your lots prepped for sale 

June 24 - July 6 Drop off items
July 7 - July 9 fashionknit Yarn Garage 
July 12 Start spending your "fashionkash"
July 20 Last day to collect unsold items - anything not picked up will be donated
July 20 Last day to spend your "fashionkash"