Dear fashionknit folks,

I live in NJ and was in Walnut Creek for a wedding recently. The Sunday before Thanksgiving, I visited your store to pick up some yarn for a quick project.

Just wanted to say how helpful the young woman was who assisted me. I can't remember her name, except that it maybe started with M and she had blonde hair, and loves to knit top up socks.

I was the only customer in the store at the time, so we had time for a lovely chat. She told me about duplicate knitting, which was a technique I had not used before. I tried it out right away on a complicated Christmas stocking I was knitting and am very thankful to know about this because it will save me a lot of aggravation for those periodic stitches like eyes and noses that are a real pain to knit when using multiple colors.

She also told me about the toe up pattern that she likes to use for socks. I've been looking for a toe up pattern so that was also very helpful. Thanks for employing such a supportive and enthusiastic member of your team! She is a real gem!

I wish I lived closer to you folks!