Knitting 101 eBook

Knitting is an amazing craft where you learn to how to use two sticks and yarn and create fabric that can become a scarf, hat, sweater, or most anything you can imagine. Some of the great advantages of knitting are that its an extremely portable and that the fabric is very subtle and drapable. Its one of the reasons so many of us love to knit sweaters. At fashionknit, we teach you how to knit by hand and provide a supportive environment. Knitting is a two handed experience, so it truly doesn't matter if you are right or left handed. You hold a needle in each hand and will learn to hold your yarn as well. There really is only one stitch to learn: the knit stitch. Once you have mastered the knit stitch, you will see that the purl stitch is just doing the knit stitch backwards. Everything else you learn is simply a combination of knits and purls.